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Home News A computer attack on Enel in Italy slightly affected Edesur's local operation

A computer attack on Enel in Italy slightly affected Edesur’s local operation

The Italian group Enel , which controls “, the company said in a statement. parent company Edesur in Argentina , suffered a ransomware- type attack (a type of virus that encrypts files and prevents them from being available, and whose release depends on a payment of money), which affected their local operation. The same company itself admitted in a statement on Sunday: ” Edesur reports that during the afternoon of Sunday, June 7, the company registered an attack on its computer network, caused as a result of an attempt to spread a ransomware. The company acted immediately , activating the planned internal procedures and implementing all the necessary measures to prevent residual risks, as well as to guarantee the continuity of its activities

According to Edesur, ” all internal computer services were restored first thing in the morning on Monday, June 8, under security conditions and preserving the efficiency of processes, which has allowed the development of business activities to continue Carrying out normally, with the exception of some systems, there has not been any type of affectation in the remote control systems of the distribution infrastructure or customer data, they have never been exposed to a third party, “they explained.

The type of ransomware , however, was pointed out by various specialized sites abroad as a possible attack on the company’s infrastructure. According to BleepingComputers or MalwareBytes , it was a family that is known as Snake (viper) that seeks above all to manipulate industrial networks and critical infrastructures known as SCADA , with damages that could leave a city without light. This was the case, for example, in 2016, when in another type of attack, a part of Kiev, Ukraine, was left in the dark after an electric transmission station, north of the city, stopped working.

Edesur denied that it had technical problems “beyond the scheduled outages or any technical failure”, for this reason. Although yes, on Twitter, they noted that “our systems are affected by a computer failure, which hinders customer service by phone, social networks and the use of the Virtual Office. We are working on resolving the incident in the shortest possible time to restore communication. ” And they added: “The electricity supply is fully guaranteed throughout our concession area.” In addition, they denied having paid the figure to “decrypt” the files. The same attack also affected the Honda company.

Attack on hospitals, the target of ransomware

During these months attacks on various types of institutions increased. The most resonant are those aimed at institutions linked to the fight against Covid-19. Interpol, for example, warned of a significant growth in the number of ransomware attack attempts targeting institutions and infrastructure that play a key role in the fight against the coronavirus. The same concern was expressed by the FBI . According to ESET, data breaches and ransomware attacks suffered in 2019 by health organizations in the United States represented an estimated cost to the sector of $ 4 billion dollars.


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