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Apple close to replacing Intel and using its own chips in its Mac computers

With self-designed chips based on accumulated experience on iPhone and iPad, Apple has everything ready to replace Intel processors in the next generation of Mac computers in 2021

Apple is all set to start using its own chips in its line of personal computers , replacing current Intel microprocessors , according to a report released by Bloomberg , which cites people involved in this move. The announcement of the change is scheduled for the company’s global developer conference , which will take place online on June 22.

In the last year, several reports pointed to Apple’s internal work for having its own chip with ARM design for its computers, a measure that it managed to implement in its line of mobile devices (from the iPhone 4). The project, known internally under the code name Kalamata, will be based on the same technology used by the ARM processors present in its iPhone phone and iPad tablets, and would be available in 2021.

Many years ago, Apple used the PowerPC processors developed by Motorola for its computers . In 2005 Steve Jobs announced the adoption of Intel chips , which have remained in effect to date in its line of desktop and laptop computers.

The x86 platform was for decades the dominant model in the chips of personal computers , with Intel and AMD as the protagonists of the segment. However, in recent years Microsoft began developing a tailored version of Windows for processors with ARM architecture , the design exclusively for use on phones and tablets. In this context, companies like Qualcomm began to develop Snapdragon chips for notebooks , with the aim of integrating the most distinctive features of smartphones, such as low power consumption and permanent connectivity.

In this way, Apple aims to integrate all the accumulated knowledge of recent years with its chip for iPhone and iPad for the next generation of Mac computers, although the company will continue to use macOS for its computers, while iOS will continue to be the system exclusive operation of the iPhone and iPad. With this decision, the firm led by Tim Cook will no longer depend on Intel processors, based on the architecture known as x86, to adopt the ARM signature technology present in its mobile devices.


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