Saturday, July 11, 2020



Boston Dynamics puts Spot quadruped robot up for sale for $ 74,500

After several years of development with various prototypes, the Boston Dynamics Spot Quadruped Robot goes on sale for $ 74,500

Twitter launches tweets with audio messages of up to 140 seconds for iPhone

witter has begun testing a new feature with which it now also allows its users to share tweets with voice messages of...

A computer attack on Enel in Italy slightly affected Edesur’s local operation

The Italian group Enel , which controls ", the company said in a statement. parent company Edesur in Argentina , suffered a...

We tested the adaptive controller for the Xbox One, which allows kids with motor problems to enjoy video games

With adaptive control Ian can play on the Xbox One together with his brother  Having a video game console...

Apple close to replacing Intel and using its own chips in its Mac computers

With self-designed chips based on accumulated experience on iPhone and iPad, Apple has everything ready to replace Intel processors in the next...

Intel Lakefield: this is the hybrid Core chip for computers with folding screens

This is what the new Intel chip looks like that will be in the future line of computers with folding or dual...

Samsung Q900 75 “: the good and the bad of the first 8K television that is already sold in Argentina

The Samsung Q900 has a 75-inch screen with a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, and a local price of 599,000 pesos.


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Europe seeks to restart with the support of technology

The deployment of 5G has slowed down in the Old Continent, while in the United States and China plans continue.

How to adopt digital skills in a matter of days

We are living a mutation from face-to-face training to 'online'. In the change, the most creative formulas for this transformation emerge. Isn't...

How technology monitors driving to make it more efficient

The true start of the engines of autonomous cars, level 5, does not arrive and it is still at least a decade...

Spaniards prefer less technological privacy in favor of health

67% of respondents support restrictive tracking systems like those used in China De-escalation , new normality , post-Covid-19 life...