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Home Business Boston Dynamics puts Spot quadruped robot up for sale for $ 74,500

Boston Dynamics puts Spot quadruped robot up for sale for $ 74,500

After several years of development with various prototypes, the Boston Dynamics Spot Quadruped Robot goes on sale for $ 74,500

he company specializes in robots Boston Dynamics put on sale his robot quadruped Spot , which can climb stairs and adapt to any terrain, for $ 74,500 .

After several experimental prototypes, the final version of Spot is primarily devoted to data collection and surveying , despite its agility. Until now it has been used to create 3D maps and to detect machine failures on oil platforms in the middle of the sea.

Boston Dynamics Spot Quadruped Robot Official Video

However, recently, Boston Dynamics proposed using these autonomous robots to assist healthcare professionals. in treating patients with covid-19 coronavirus in hospitals to reduce exposure to the virus .

In fact, the company tested its robots at the Bringham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts, in the American city of Boston, and during the tests Boston Dynamics analyzed the needs of healthcare personnel that can be performed by Spot . The professionals used the robots for triage tasks or assigning emergencies to patients.

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The American company is also studying how to use these robots for other tasks necessary for the treatment of the virus, such as analyzing the frequency of respiration, heart rate and oxygen saturation. Spot was also used in Singapore’s main park for people to maintain social distance in their outdoor outings.

The Explorer pack Spot includes the robot, two batteries, charger, tablet controller and charger, a box for storing and transporting the robot, a box for transporting battery and charger, client packages Python APIs robot updates and software updates “when available”.

At the moment, the robot Spot of Boston Dynamics is available only to US companies , as indicated on their website. Additionally, Boston Dynamics notes that companies that buy the robot now will be able to enjoy free shipping for a limited time, and it takes six to eight weeks for the package to arrive.


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