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More memory: they launch a new version of the Raspberry Pi 4 minicomputer with 8 GB of RAM

The new version of the Raspberry Pi 4 minicomputer, which sold 3 million units in its launch year, will now be equipped with 8GB of RAM and will be priced at $ 75.

The successful Raspberry Pi 4 mini computer has already sold 3 million units since its launch a year ago and for this occasion the foundation behind this team has just announced an update with a new model equipped with more RAM , along with other options with a reduced price.

On the one hand, the novelty is in a Raspberry Pi 4 minicomputer with 8 GB of RAM and a BCM2711 chip, which will be priced at $ 75 . In turn, this new version ignores the switch located next to the USB 2.0 connectors and places a new one next to the USB Type-C port.

With this new configuration, the 8 GB of RAM of the Raspberry Pi 4 will allow the project to move forward with the development of a 64-bit operating system that takes full advantage of the capabilities of the minicomputer. In addition to installing options operating system 64 – bit as Ubuntu and Gentoo are available, the foundation Raspberry Pi took the opportunity to announce the images of the OS Raspberry Pi OS to 32 bit in its stable version and 64 bit , still found in beta phase.

The launch of the new Raspberry Pi with 8 GB of RAM also allowed to adjust the price of other models in the catalog. With a $ 10 markdown, the model with 2GB of RAM is now priced at $ 35 .

The Raspberry Pi started in 2012 as a minicomputer focused on the education sector. However, the project soon began to be embraced by makers and tech enthusiasts. Given its flexibility and integration with various operating systems that allowed it to create various computers and electronic devices, reaching 25 million units sold worldwide in 2019.


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