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Samsung Q900 75 “: the good and the bad of the first 8K television that is already sold in Argentina

The Samsung Q900 has a 75-inch screen with a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, and a local price of 599,000 pesos.

With a presentation via Zoom, Samsung brought together a group of journalists and film specialists last Friday to announce the arrival of its 8K resolution television (7680 x 4320 pixels on the screen, four times more than 4K) to our country. It is the first of its kind to be for sale in Argentina.

The model that will put on sale in Argentina is the Samsung Q900 , a television that LA NACION  had the opportunity to test last year at a seminar in the Brazilian city of São Paulo.

With this local launch, Samsung puts Argentina on the map of televisions with 8K resolution, the new standard for enjoying multimedia content in the comfort of the living room, and which quadruples the resolution of the image it displays.

The Q900 model uses a 75 “screen so it requires a good space to be installed and, above all, to be able to fully enjoy a television of this size.

Content is missing in 8K quality

Paragraphs above we said that 8K resolutions will be the new future standard . And, currently, there is not much native content to be enjoyed in that resolution (in fact, only now is 4K content widely available).

What could be a problem, Samsung plans to fill the lack of content in said resolution with its own technology that allows improving the image that reaches the television to achieve that they obtain a quality similar to 8K (in the same way that many content in FullHD today becomes 4K). Martin Hilgert, visual display senior product & marketing manager of Samsung Argentina, expressed himself on this. “The transformation of content is important. This scaling works by improving the image received by the TV, be it in 4K, Full HD, HD content or even in lower quality. Basically, what this technology does is compile an image bank, classify them, improve them and replenish the television, it makes the TV learn and improve. The better the resolution reaches the TV, the more it will improve it “

Another way to get 8K content, according to Bruno Drobeta, director of Samsung Electronics, is filming with the new Galaxy S20 cell phone. “We have many consumers who have an S20 in their hands to enjoy the content they generate on TV,” he shared.

As we could see in the tests carried out on this model and being a QLED television , the most important claim made to these screens, compared to OLED technology (by Organic Light-Emitting Diode) was that the latter achieved better black levels. In the case of the Q900, Samsung improved this aspect by achieving fuller blacks, thus getting quite close to the results obtained in an OLED.

Modes and sound

As expressed in the presentation by the executives, the Q900 has a series of technologies and possibilities that could be decisive when choosing a new television for the living room. On the one hand, there is adaptive sound technology that allows conversations to be followed clearly, enhancing the ambient sound in a stadium while enjoying a football match, thus generating a more immersive experience.

On the design side, the Q900 includes a single 5-meter cable. This is transparent and will be in charge of carrying the data and the current. It also interconnects all devices and allows everything to be managed with a single remote control.

Finally, the ambient mode included in this television can generate pictures with photos, or set and play music and put lights inside the TV during a party.

Availability and price

A detail that automatically raises more than one eyebrow is the price of the 75-inch Samsung Q900, which is not for any pocket: the local price is 599,999 pesos. And around the economy through, today it has a price that is lower than that of the same model in the United States or Europe, according to the company.

According to Drobeta, “Samsung hopes to launch a new line of 8K televisions by the end of the year. We have always brought the latest technology and I know we will have a good response from consumers. We brought a first import and we already have pre-sold units, we will be ordering another delivery, “he said.

The Q900 is already on display at Samsung House, the premises that the company has in the Palermo neighborhood (Armenia 1644).


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