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Sony reveals the design of the new PlayStation 5

White color and curved designs predominate in the new game console, which will have two different models: one with a floppy drive and the other only digital

What’s a game-free release worth?” Reflected Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. What was going to be a simple presentation of some games under development for the new platform became a worldwide event yesterday. The Japanese company – without warning and by surprise – showed the world the design of the new PlayStation 5 . In a spectacular presentation, Sony showed a console that has little or nothing to do with those of previous generations.

For starters, its striking white color with neat curved lines gives it a more refined and modern design. Previously you could see that the new DualSense (remote) was white, which complements the new design very well. The box abandons that ‘cube’ shape in which generous curves that provide finesse and a more elegant aesthetic predominate. Details with LED lights also help make that impression. Like its predecessors, PS5 can be placed both horizontally and vertically .

Another of the most striking things is that two versions will be put on sale . On the one hand, a classic version, with its traditional disc reader , perfect for those players who have always preferred to buy video games in physical format. And on the other, a version without floppy disk in which all the games will have to be downloaded and stored on the platform or played via streaming through PS Now.

…y aquí está! ¡Muchas gracias por acompañarnos en el streaming! #PS5

In turn, Sony has presented an important range of accessories that will go on sale to improve the player experience: Pulse 3D (wireless headphones with noise cancellation); a camera with HD resolution; Media Remote (a remote for controlling videos, movies or even for use on television); and a USB Type-C charging station to charge two DualSense remotes.

What has not been revealed is what its price will be. It is also unknown if the more classic version will be cheaper than the digital one. The Japanese company assures that soon there will be more news about it and its exact launch date will be reported. What we do know for sure is that for Christmas it will already be on sale.


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