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Twitter launches tweets with audio messages of up to 140 seconds for iPhone

witter has begun testing a new feature with which it now also allows its users to share tweets with voice messages of up to 140 seconds and which in the coming weeks will be available to all users who use the platform from an iPhone phone .

Because in the written publications “sometimes some nuances of the conversation are lost”, the voice tweets come with the aim of “bringing a more human touch” to Twitter, as the company has assured in an official statement .

It is possible to create these audio messages in tweets through a new icon with the sound waveform that has been included in the message composition window. Then the profile picture and the record button are displayed, with which users can record their voice.

You can Tweet a Tweet. But now you can Tweet your voice!

IThe tweets voice have a limit of 140 seconds for publication such as the extension of the original character of Twitter-. In cases where this maximum is exceeded, but the user continues recording, another tweet will be created automatically with the remaining audio. In this way, this modality will resemble a thread to join the following voice tweets.

Once the recording is finished, you have to press the “ready” button and it will be saved. Users can then compose the tweet on a regular basis and add text and files.

The new feature for creating audio messages in tweets is available as a trial for now , only for a small number of users of the Twitter application for iOS devices , but in the coming weeks it will reach all Twitter users of iPhone from Apple .

However, all Twitter users in the other systems will be able to interact with the voice tweets in their timelines, listen to them – by touching the image – and respond.

In the case of Android 10 users, they can also appeal to the automatic subtitling of the audios. The service, which is activated with the volume button down, is only available for English transcripts for now 


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